we're all just deaf fools

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Yesterday I decided to shoot the things I have bought, found and gotten lately. In the first picture you can see stuff I found from our basement or from our summercottage and in the second picture there are things I have bought, mostly from flea markets. Some I've already worn, some may naver be worn, but that's the beauty of cheap clothes, they don't have to be perfect. I've become a total shopaholic, every time I go to a flea market I end up buying atleast a couple of shirts. I just can't control myself when it comes to cheap clothes: "Hmmm.. the sleeves are a little too short, but what the heck its only 2 euros, it doesn't matter if I never wear this."
Even tough it's 20°C I still have occasionally worn a knit of some kind. Its totally fine when I'm outside cyckling or something, but when I go inside I'm forced to take it off because it's just too hot. Maybe I should just wear with summery colthes now that I finally can and wear the knits when I really need them.. Today I totally controlled myself and wore shorts and a white, sheer shirt I bought yesterday.
I also dyed my lashes yesterday. You can't really see the difference between my lashes in the two pictures, especially when the before-shot is that crappy (I forgot to take one before the operation so I had to use an ancientpicture I found from the computer), but I myself do notice a change. The difference isn't huge, but noticeable enough.

Like some of you may have noticed I wrote this in English, just for fun really. I sometimes think in English and add English words in my speech so I decided to try writing a post like this.


  1. Kauniita kuvia! Ja hyvin osaat englanniksi kirjoittaa. :)


  2. Ihania kuvia ja muutenki tosi kiva blogi :)